We provide value added engineering design which can be used to carry out the construction at the site.

We support projects across any size and scale by leveraging our engineering and execution capabilities. Some of the key considerations for our engineering solutions include sound technical design, cost effective, fir-for-purpose, feasibility, and use of advanced technology for engineering and design. Our experience enables us to provide engineering solutions which can add value to the clients during the engineering phase.

Some of the key areas where we offer our expertise include the following:

  • Technical Scope of Work

  • Construction Specifications

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Steel Piperacks and Pipe Supports

  • Construction Engineering and Fabrication Packages

  • Design Specifications

  • Piping Design

  • Environmental engineering services such as environmental impact assessment, waste water management, water treatment, hazardous waste management, pollution prevention and waste minimisation


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